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Thank you for your interest to the Dark Lords of The Office Work!

Here at  Dark Lords of The Office Work we are a very laid back guild.  That being said we still have some requirements but not a lot in order to better manage the guild and to have more fun!  Please look over the below guild rules.  This will also tell you how to get promoted throughout the ranks. 

1. Rank Structure
A. Dark Adept- Recruit to the Guild.  Very restricted Access to the Guild Bank.
B. Dark Acolyte- Has Registered on the guild website. Has limited access to the Guild Bank but has accepted the guild rules and has completed the following:
- Registering on the Guild Website
- Accepting Rules
-Active on Guild Chat/Help Each Other Out
-Provide First Name and Last Initial for the Member Notes.
-Donating 25,000 Credits to the guild bank.
C. Dark Apprentice- Full member to the guild with more access to the guild bank and has donated 50,000 credits in addition to Dark Acolyte for a total of 75,000 Credits to the guild bank.  Is expected to attend guild events when available and be active in guild chat and contribute to the guild bank when able. 
D. Dark Lord- Chosen by the Guildmaster and Dark Councillors. 

2. Member Expectations
A. As a member of the Dark Lords of The Office Work Member you are expected to do the following:
1. Help Each Other Out (Especially Low Level Players and New Players)
2. Donate to the Guild Bank as often as you can when you can wether it be items or credits.  Only take what you need and give what you can!
3. If you have a problem with a member harassing or disrespecting please take it up with that member between yourselves at first.  If it does not get resolved then please contact the Guild master, Dark Councillor or a Dark Lord to help resolve your problem.
4. Check the Guild Website when you can for updates and check your e-mail for newsletters.
5. If you create an ALT in the guild let the  Guild master, Dark Councillor or a Dark Lord know so we can invite you. 
6. Invite your friends to join the guild and spread the word.
7. If you have a Suggestion post it on the forums or bring it up to the  Guild master, Dark Councillor or a Dark Lord.
8. Attend events!
9. Register and be on vent when able!(Info at the bottom)

The most important rule is to HAVE FUN and work together!

Password: masterofthetpsreport

Type Ventrilo
Port 4236

Thank you!

-Dark Lords Of The Office Work
"Masters of The TPS Reports" 
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Ventrillo UP!

darksiseneg, Aug 20, 12 4:20 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

darksiseneg, Aug 9, 12 12:18 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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